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Work list

* Trumpet Concerto, 2022 - commissioned by Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra and Östgötamusiken, Linköping. The piece will come in to versions; trumpet solo + symphony orchestra and trumpet solo + wind orchestra.

* Ålevangeliet, 2021, opera written for sinfonietta, soprano soloist, tenor soloist, barytone soloist, EWI (electric wind instrument) soloist and choir (SATB). First performance planned to April 27th 2022 at Folkoperan, Stockholm, who also is the commissioner of the piece. Based on Patrik Svensson's book Ålevangeliet (The Book of Eels) with libretto by Stina Oscarsson.

* På ängarna doft av violer, 2012/21 - for choir (SATB) with text by Wilhelm Stenhammar. First performed by Swedish Radio Choir in februay 2021.

* Sång utan ord (Song without words), 2021 - for symphony orchestra and women's choir (SSAA). Commissioned by the Swedish Radio Orchestra / Berwaldhallen. First performance postponed due to pandemic.

* Why do the birds go on singing?, 2020 - for horn solo. First performance by Lene Aadalen Skomedal postponed due to pandemic.  

* Barn av ros och förgätmigej (Children of roses and forget-me-not), 2019 - for symphony orchestra, soprano solo, tenor solo and childrens choir (SSAA). Commissioned by Norrlandsoperan, and first performed in January 2020 with Norrlandsoperan's Symphony Orchestra, Susanna Levonen, Joachim Bäckström, Norrlandsoperan's Childrens Choir under Christian Kluxen. The texts are written by Rose Lagercrantz.

* The Lost Clown, 2018 - for symfony orchestra. Commissioned by Helsingborg Symphony Orchestra. The music is mirroring Schönbergs "Pierrot Lunaire" and consists of as many movements and bars as Schönberg's music. Giraud's texts can be read or shown during the performance. First performance during the season 2018-19 in with HSO / Stefan Solyom, Helsingborg Concert House.

* Clarinet Concerto Nr. 1 - "At the Hills of Hampstead Heath", 2017 - for solo clarinet and sinfonietta. First performance in Helsingborgs Concert House with Emil Jonason and Helsingborg Symphony Orchestra (HSO) / Stefan Solyom. The piece was a commission from HSO, Gävle Fymphony Orchestra, Dalasinfoniettan and Västerås Sinfonietta and was performed several times with each orchestra during the season.

* Vintergatan fryser, 2016 - choir (SATB) and recitation. Text by Jaques Werup. First performance with Petri Sångare / Lill Lindfors / Alexander Einarsson; Lund Contemporary 2017.

* Nu faller snö, 2016 - for string orchestra. First performance in Immanuelskyrkan, Norrköping, december 2016 with Östgöta Chamber Soloists.

* Tintomara, 2013 – for flute and guitar. First performance: Musikvalvet, Stockholm, September 2013 with Haga Duo - Sareidah Hildebrand and Joakim Lundström.  The music is inspired by Carl Jonas Love Almqvist's book ”Drottningens juvelsmycke” ("The Queens Tiara").

* Impromptu, 2012, for violin and piano. 

* Four Nocturnes, 2011 – for violin and piano. First performance: Edsbergs Castle, Sollentuna, with Sofie Sunnerstam and Bernhard Greter, March 2012. This nocturnal piece concists of four movements; Evening – Midnight – Lucid Dreaming – Dawn. It can be described as post modern music in style and character, but linked together by some themes, that goes through the piece. Durata; 10 min.

* And in sad cypress let me be laid, 2011 – for flute/voice solo. First performance at Chrisopher Lehmann's Diploma Concert at the Royal Music Academy, Stockholm in June 2011. The music is inspired by a poem in Shakespeare's "Twelth Night" together with a melody written by theatre music composer Janne Lindstedt. In the middle of the piece the poem "Come away, come away death" is read in english or in swedish.

Durata; 8 min.

* Magnolia, 2009 – for clarinet solo. First performance in Gotland Chamber Music Festival by Emil Jonason, Visby, july 2009. Durata; 8 min.

* In Memoriam, 2008 – for string qaurtet / chamber orchestra. First performance; Royal Music Academy, March 2008.  Durata; 18 min.

* Sånger till Emelie (Songs for Emelie), 2008 – for flute, violin, viola and cello. First performance in Sofia Kyrka, Stockholm, december 2008. The music was performed in a memory service for the victims of the tsunami in 2004. Durata; 25 min.

* Zars svit, 2008 -  for vln & cl.  First performance: 2008 with Emmy Lindström and Emil Jonason in the play ”The dark side of the sun” written and performed by Zardasht Rad, Stockholm University of the Arts.  Durata; 12 min.

* Reflection – When I Turned Myself Inside Out, 2007 – for clarinet and piano. 

First performance: Emil Jonason and Mårten Landström, at Emil's Diploma Concert May 2007 at Nybrokajen 11, Stockholm. Durata; 16 min.

* Nocturne in blue, 2007 – for flute solo.  First performance: Kristin Olsson, Royal Music Academy, Stockholm, January 2007. Durata; 3 min.

* Song About Em, 2006 – for clarinet and string quartet / chamber orchestra.  First performance: May 2006 in Alfvénsalen, Uppsala with Emil Jonason and Uppsala Chamber Strings / Per Andersberg. Durata; 6 min.

* Avsked vid havet, 2004 - for choir (SATB). 3 short movements with texts by the composer. About having to go... Durata; 3 min.

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